Cotton Mill Cornwall


We are excited to present an inspired vision for healthy, urban living; unequaled in Eastern Ontario. Experience the breathtaking views, cozy up in the courtyards, and the explore luscious river-side trails at Cornwall’s true waterfront community.

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About Cotton Mill Cornwall

We’re located in the historic Cotton Mill on the brink of the St. Lawrence River in Cornwall, Ontario.

Cotton Mill Cornwall is a multi-component redevelopment of the former Canada Cottons mill site in Cornwall, Ontario. A keystone in our history, at one time the Mill employed over 4000 people and was the economic driving force in Cornwall.

Healthy living is the foundation upon which Cotton Mill Cornwall is designed. Mixed use and pedestrian access form cornerstone design principles, more than 200 new homes and 50 000 square feet of shops and offices are nestled just two short blocks from an established city center. The Waterfront Trail meanders between Cotton Mill Cornwall and the St. Lawrence, even decades after the mill closed the river continues to be the lifeblood of the community. It is accessible at three distinct locations, including a brand new pedestrian access point at the Harbour.

A multitude of outdoor spaces abound throughout the community interconnecting the buildings, affording access to the waterfront, and provide wonderful gathering places. The Waterfall spills over the flume headwall and into the reflecting pond between the Stephens Building and Bell Tower. The central plaza features a firepit and connects the reflecting pond, the waterfront access point, and Cotton Mill Lane together. The Terrace connects the Weave Shed and Edison Buildings.

Cotton Mill Lofts

Opened in 2012.

Edison Building

Occupied 2015.

Weave Shed

Occupied 2016.

Bell Tower

Coming Soon.

The Stephens

Coming Soon.

Whether a substantial renovation or a a completely new build each Building has it’s own character and amenities, please visit the building specific pages for more information, or contact us at your leisure, we be happy to introduce you to this one of a kind community.

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